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AT NIGHT I FLY wins Best Documentary At Tempo 2012

After winning the Swedish Oscar for Best Documentary AT NIGHT I FLY has taken the best prize at this years TEMPO DOCUMENTARY FESTIVAL. 

'AT NIGHT IF FLY is both a moving and disturbing film - a poetic and intelligent interpretation highlighting themes of humanity, acceptance and civil rights. Unsentimental but emotionally powerful...'

AT NIGHT I FLY was also a big hit at this year's Glasgow Film Festival:


With this in mind, Michel Wenzer’s offering achieves something genuinely magnificent, breaking from the voyeuristic modes usually found in similar endeavors. There are long stretches of this movie where you forget you’re in New Folsom Prison at all, a truly incredible feat for a film where within ten minutes of sitting down you’ve already seen raw CCTV footage of a man getting stabbed to death, and been informed by security that should you be taken hostage whilst on your visit, the state will not exchange your life for an inmates freedom.