15-year-old Wojtek travels to Sweden from Poland with his parents to work on a farm picking strawberries. He encounters a dark underworld where foreign guest workers are exploited by indifferent Swedes. But against all odds he forms a connection with the farmer’s daughter, Anneli. The teenagers start to meet behind the backs of their parents, their young love breaking down the invisible barrier that exists between them. But the outside world will never accept the relationship, and in the end the two young lovers find themselves trapped on opposite sides when the slowly brewing conflict between the Swedes and the guest workers erupts in a sudden violent confrontation.
Strawberry Days
Directed by: Wiktor Ericsson
Original title: Jordgubbslandet
Genres: Drama
Cast: Nelly Axelsson, Stanislaw Cywka, Julia Kijowska, Przemyslaw Sadowski, Torkel Petersson
Written by: Wiktor Ericsson
Produced by: Erik Magnusson
Production company: Anagram Film & TV
Production year: 2016
Release year: 2016/17
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish, Polish, English
Duration: 93 min
Subtitled versions: English
Format: Digital (Scope)
Art Work