5 Women Trailer
A group of female friends meet in the south of France, as they do every year, for a relaxing break and to get away from everything. It's all going well until one night, during a crazy drug trip, a man breaks into the house, and in the confusion and mayhem, the women kill the intruder. Away from home and unsure of what the consequences might be, they decide to hide the body. A darkness grows as a mysterious and attractive man appears out of nowhere. He tells them that he is looking for his missing brother. Scared and confused, they are forced to tolerate his presence, as sexual attractions deepen, tensions rise and a palpable danger hangs in the air. The man comes to realize that the women are hiding something. But he too has his secrets.
Directed by: Olaf Kraemer
Original title: 5 FRAUEN
Genres: Thriller
Cast: Anna König (Die Hannas, Das Floß), Odine Johne (Agnes, Nocebo), Korinna Krauss (Fräulein Else), Kaya Marie Möller (Wege zum Glück), Julia Dietze (Iron Sky – The Coming Race, Iron Sky), Stefano Cassetti (Il Terzo Tempo, Un Poison Violent, Roberto Succo)
Written by: Olaf Kraemer
Produced by: Stefan Elsenbruch, Raphael Wallner, Rainer Kölmel, Wasiliki Bleser
Production company: Emerge & See Entertainment, Starhaus Produktionen, Starhaus Filmprodukt
Production year: 2016
Release year: 2017
Country: Germany
Language: German, French
Duration: 98 min
Subtitled versions: English
Format: HD, DCP
Munich Film Festival 2016 New German Cinema Section
40th Mostra Sao Paulo 2016 New Filmmakers Competition