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“Sometimes the person you least expect can help you find your way home.” Fred Daly lives a quiet, lonely life in his car. But that changes when Cathal arrives in a little yellow car and becomes his neighbour. A dope-smoking 21 year old with positive attitude, Cathal seems determined to make Fred sort his life out. And it works. As Cathal’s infectious energy rubs off on him, Fred modifies his car into a home, beats the welfare system and makes a friend in Jules, an attractive music teacher who lives alone nearby. But Fred struggles with his pride to tell Jules about his ‘home’ as Cathal’s life is threatened by his escalating drug habit. As they grow closer, the influence of these three outsiders on each other will change their lives. PARKED is a moving, uplifting film about friendship, trust and the need to feel truly at home.
Directed by: Darragh Byrne
Original title: Parked
Genres: Drama
Cast: Colm Meaney (Law Abiding Citizen, The Damned United, The Snapper - Best Actor Golden Globe nomination), Colin Morgan (Merlin, Island), Milka Ahlroth (Twisted Roots, Kid Svensk)
Written by: Ciaran Creagh
Produced by: Jacqueline Kerrin, Dominic Wright, Aleksi Bardy
Production company: Ripple World Pictures, Helsinki Filmi Oy
Production year: 2010
Release year: 2011
Country: Ireland/ Finland
Language: English
Duration: 90 min
Format: 35mm, Cinema Scope 1:2, 35, Sound: Dolby SRD
Extra material created: Making of, Promo: 2min, 30sec.
08.07.2011 PARKED: OPENING FILM OF THE FLEADH 'Touching, sad and often hilariously funny, Parked is another one of the Irish features of late that continue to keep up our amazing reputation abroad.' Full article: _________________________________
30.06.2011 PARKED GETS AUDIENCE AWARD AT BRUSSELS Meanwhile, viewers were unable to resist the shining humanity of Irish actor Colm Meaney, giving their Audience Award to the film in which he stars: Darragh Byrne’s Parked. _________________________________
08.04.2011 /Review from 'Best of Texas' As it turned out, Parked, a magnificent movie from Ireland, made sure that the viewer felt as though what was happening on the screen was as real as any documentary may be.... Read full article: ________________________________
08.04.2011 Interview with PARKED producers Interesting insights into the making of PARKED from Jacqueline Kerrin and Dominic Wright.
40th IFF Rotterdam Official selection
34th IFF Gothenburg Official selection
Torino International Film Festival 2010
Irish Film Festival Boston Aer Lingus Best Feature
The Dallas International Film Festival Honorable mention - Target Narrative Feature
Newport Beach Film Festival 2011
Brussels Film Festival 2011 Audience Award
Galway Film Fleadh 2011 Best First Feature
Busan International Film Festival 2011 Official Selection
Mannheim-Heidelberg IFF 2011 Main Award
Irish Film Festival, Rome 2011 Official Selection
Festival International du Premier Film, Annonay, France 2012 Official Selecton
Belgrade International Film Festival 2012 Official Selecton
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