The King - Jari Litmanen Trailer
This is the story of professional football (soccer) player Jari Litmanen, often referred as the "king" or "artist”. The film is about what it takes to make it in football but it’s also a personal exploration revealing who Litmanen really is – the family man, the human being. We also delve into the sacrifices he's made in his private life and naturally, about how football has impacted his world. We travel to Lahti, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Liverpool and other footprints of his past and meet his former team-mates, coaches and friends. The film also covers the major turning points in his childhood, the top moments of his professional career, conflicts with coaches and inevitable injuries. We are also left to ponder just when and how Litmanen will finally end his long and distinguished career.
The King - Jari Litmanen
Directed by: Arto Koskinen
Original title: Kuningas Litmanen
Genres: Documentary
Cast: Jari Litmanen, Bergkamp, Van der Saar, De Boer, Overmars, Puyol, Xavi, Ibrahimavic, Van Gaal, and many other football legends
Produced by: Mika Kaurismäki
Production company: Marianna Films Oy
Production year: 2012
Release year: 2012
Country: Finland
Language: English, Finnish, Dutch, Spanish
Duration: 90 min / 52 min
Subtitled versions: English,Swedish
Format: HD, DCP, Digibeta / 16:9
IDFA - 2012 - Reflecting Images: Panorama section Official Selection
Gothenburg International Film Festival 2013 Official Selection
DocPoint Tallinn 2013 Official Selection
11mm – International Football Film Festival, Berlin 2013 Official Selection
Finnish Film Days, Budapest 2013
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