Directed by: Johan Lundh
Original Title: Den som söker
Genres: Drama, Thriller
Cast: Josephine Bornebusch, Erik Johansson, Claes Ljungmark, Björn Granath, Ingela Olsson
Written by: Johan Lundh
Produced by: Daniel Möllberg, Richard Paulson
Production Company: JFK MEdia & Finans AB
Production year: 2013
Release year: 2013
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
Subtitled Versions: English
Duration: 90 min
Format: Cinemascope


When Tuva loses her parents in a car crash she is given the unenviable task of cleaning up their house. In a locked drawer in her father’s study she finds some paperwork – it turns out that she is adopted. It’s a shocking revelation that sets her out on a quest to find her birth mother. Small clues lead her and her young daughter to a small town in the middle of Sweden. It’s there that things begin to unravel. Not only does Tova experience hostile resistance from the locals, but she repeatedly faces the eerie apparition of her dead teenage mother. And as she pushes closer to the truth about her past, the deeper she finds herself in grave danger. There are people in the town who need to stop her. For their sake, and, perhaps, for hers. Sometimes the truth bears evil tidings. Sometimes the truth is better left alone.


Montreal World Film Festival 2013 Official Selection - Focus on World Cinema

Gothenburg International Film Festival 2013 Closing Film