Directed by: Thomas Masin
Original Title: 3 Sezony v Pekle
Genres: Drama
Cast: Krystof Hadek, Karolina Gruszka
Written by: Thomas Masin
Produced by: Monika Kristl
Production Company: Dawson Productions
Production year: 2009
Release year: 2009
Country: Czech Rep, Germany, Slovakia
Language: Czech
Duration: 110 min
Subtitled Versions: English, French
Formats: 35MM


It’s 1947, a time of sensuality, extravagance, humor and endless expectation. Ivan Heinz, a good-looking fop and witty agitator, is just 19 years old. While putting together his first collection of poetry, Ivan rushes headlong into a destructive romance with the exquisite and bisexual Jana. The new communist regime demands absolute obedience. The clash comes. After few weeks of starvation, with absolutely no money and with police repressions Ivan and Jana plan their escape to Paris. But Ivan has to scrape up at least some money for their escape. He accepts an offer to smuggle penicillin over the Czech-Austrian borders. The borders are unexpectedly sealed. Yet Ivan always has some crazy plan up his sleeve… The screenplay for this electrifying film was inspired by the youthful memoirs of Egon Bondy, one of the most important figures of the Czechoslovak literary scene.


Czech Lion Awards 2010 Best actor, sound and cinematography

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival Selected competition section

54th BFI London Film Festival

Reykjavik IFF

Pusan IFF

Tallin Black Nights (PÖFF) Don Quijote Award (FICC Jury Award)

Sevilla IFF