The Yellow Affair is a World Sales Agent and Executive Producer for films & TV series from around the world. After 10 years, in today’s complicated and volatile film market, The Yellow Affair boasts a proven track record and has a growing reputation in areas of development, financing, marketing and selling films of all types and genres. The Yellow Affair is one of the most prominent film sales companies based in Scandinavia with a catalogue of over 80 films and TV series. 

The Yellow Affair is developing new relationships with various financial entities and building new strategies that will enable the company to contribute significantly to getting films into production. In addition to this, the company brings its vast experience in areas of development, festival and world marketing strategies, distribution and world sales to the table.

The Yellow Affair is looking for projects of integrity, that boast high-end production values with big commercial potential. We are interested in strong stories with mid range budget levels with known cast or established director.

Our ultimate goal is to identify and acquire the right films, establishing early involvement with producers, and eventually taking these films into the world-wide market, gaining optimum distribution in all windows  (Theatrical/ Video-DVD/ Pay and Free TV/ Ancillary/ Digital Rights) and monetizing the film as much as possible, to benefit all parties. Our core concept is simple: ‘the better business we do with a film, the more people around the world will see it, and appreciate it.’ 

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