Directed by: Michel Wenzer
Genres: Documentary
Cast: Spoon Jackson, Rick Misener, Charles 'Big C' Owens, Fred Schroeder, Ernest 'E-Clips' Shoemaker, Marty Williams
Written by: Michel Wenzer
Produced by: Tobias Janson
Production Company: Story AB
Production year: 2004-10
Release year: 2011
Country: Sweden, Denmark
Language: English
Duration: 56 / 88 min
Formats: HDCam / Digitbeta


AT NIGHT I FLY is a unique documentary exploring the dark heart and soul of a maximum-security prison in the United States. It exposes the brutality, the bleakness and the heart-sapping reality of a life shut off from the real world. It shows the micro-politics, the social prejudices, the violence of a community that is forced to survive without hope. But through all this darkness come cracks of light. The sounds of gospel, hip-hop, the blues, and even poetry open up a new world. As these men bravely dig deep to find a greater understanding of themselves we see in them unexpected qualities: love, compassion, brotherhood and great insightfulness. We may have started off this journey thinking that these men are alien, our polar opposites, but by the end, we can’t help but see ourselves.


Sheffield Doc/Fest 2011 Special Jury Award Nomination

Filmfest Muenchen 2011

Nordisk Panorama 2011 Documentary Competition

Glasgow Film Festival 2012 Official Selection

Eurokok, Oslo 2012 Official Selction

Planete Doc FF, Warsaw 2012 Official Selection

'Guldbagge' (Swedish National Film Industry Awards) 2012 Best Documentary

Tempo Documentary Festival 2012 Best Documentary Award