Directed by: Martin Larsson
Original title: Becker - Kungen av Tingsryd
Genres: Thriller, Comedy
Cast: Henrik Liller, Sonja Richter, Lars Ranthe
Written by: Martin Larsson
Produced by: Erik Magnusson
Production company: Anagram Sverige
Production year: 2017
Release year: 2017
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
Duration: 87 min
Subtitled versions: English
Format: HD, DCP


Johan Becker walks tall. He is a self made man and the unofficial 'king' of small town Tingsryd. He owns a successful furniture business, but his real money-machine is the stuff of the small town gangster, moving and selling various goods and doing under-the-table jobs. And everything Becker touches turns to gold. However, if there is one thing that Becker doesn’t like, its illegal drugs. When a couple of big thinking drug gangsters from out of town decide to move their stuff onto Becker’s turf, the shit hits the fan. While Becker and his comical side-kick Stefan, who is being manipulated by the bad guys, try to keep the‘ business’ going, violent confrontation inevitably waits around the corner. If Becker is to keep rein over his kingdom, he is going to have to fight like hell.




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