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Created by: Ole Marius Araldsen, Nicolai Cleve Broch
Directed by:
Eigil Langmark, Charlotte Sachs Bostrup
Genres: Warm Dramedy
Cast: Nicolaj Cleve Broch, Agnes Kittelsen, Lærke Winther, Johannes Nymark
Written by: Ole Marius Araldsen, Marie Hafting, Anna Neye, Patrik Syversen, Jesper Sund, Tone Mygind Rostbøll
Produced by: Ole Marius Araldsen, Anne Kolbjørnsen
Production company: Anagram Norway
Production year: 2019
Country: Norway, Denmark
Language: Norwegian, Danish
Duration: 8 episodes x 42 mins
Subtitled versions: English
Format: TV Series


Life consists mostly of everyday life and it is easy to forget to care for love. Between Us is a warm dramedy about two couples, their four perspectives, their trust and lack of trust in their relationships, and how even miniscule details end up having major consequences in their lives.