Directed by: Daniel Perlmutter
Genres: Comedy
Cast: Ennis Esmer, Meredith MacNeill, Kristin Booth, Peter Keleghan, Tammy Isbell, Leah Pinsent, Art Hindle with Aaron Ashmore and Gordon Pinsent
Written by: Daniel Perlmutter
Produced by: Judy Holm, Michael McNamara
Production company: Markham Street Films
Production year: 2015
Release year: 2015
Country: Canada
Language: English
Subtitled Versions: English
Duration: 86 min
Format: DCP


Big News from Grand Rock is the story of Leonard Crane, the editor of a small town newspaper facing bankruptcy. In an attempt to attract advertisers and readership, Leonard begins inventing stories based on old movies. The plan pays off until one of the stories attracts the attention of Lucy, an ambitious reporter from the big city. She exposes Leonard’s hoax. But then Leonard discovers that one of his stories may be true. With a great scoop but no one to believe him, Leonard and Lucy must team up to try to save the town, the newspaper and his reputation.


LA Comedy Festival 2014 Winner: Best Actor, Ennis Esmer