Directed by: Riina Hyytiä
Original Title: Keisarin Salalsuus
Genres: Family, Animation
Cast: Mika Ala-Panula, Heikki Hilander, Erja Manto|
Written by: Aleksi Bardy, Mika Ripatti, Seppo Vesiluoma
Produced by: Aleksi Bardy, Riina Hyytiä, Olli Haikka
Production company: Helsinki Filmi Oy
Production year: 2006
Release year: 2006
Country: Finland
Language: Finnish
Duration: 85 mins
Format: Digibeta


The Emperor’s Secret is the first Finnish feature computer animation. It is a hilarious animation adventure for the whole family, full of witty puns for adults as well. In the movie, a small village becomes the target of the evil Emperor’s antics. The villagers have to learn to cooperate in order to suppress the Emperor and his giant two-headed turkey. The Emperor’s Secret examines the themes of friendship, trust, community spirit and freedom with accurate, fun perceptions.