Directed by: JP Siili
Original Title: Ganes
Genres: Drama
Cast: Eero Milonoff, Minttu Mustakallio, Tommi Korpela, Olavi Uusivirta, Jussi Nikkilä
Written by: Antero Arjatsalo
Produced by: Aleksi Bardy
Production Company: Helsinki Filmi Oy
Production year: 2007
Release year: 2007
Country: Finland
Language: Finnish
Duration: 102 min
Subtitled Versions: English, Swedish
Formats: 35mm


Hurriganes, the greatest rock band in Finnish history and particulary its founder Remu, are a legend. Remu is born to extreme poverty. As a teenager he is already a professional criminal. But after hearing rock music (and learning that in America black people have become rich playing it) Remu decides to take his destiny to his own hands. With quite unorthodox methots he works his way to the top of Finnish rock’n’roll.