Directed by: Dome Karukoski
Original Title: Leijonasydän
Genres: Drama
Cast: Peter Franzén, Yusufa Sidibeh, Laura Birn, Jasper Pääkkönen, Pamela Tola, Jussi Vatanen, Timo Lavikainen, Niko Vakkuri, Mikko Neuvonen, Jani Toivola
Written by: Aleksi Bardy
Produced by: Aleksi Bardy
Production Company: Helsinki Filmi Oy, Anagram Film & TV
Production year: 2013
Release year: 2013
Country: Finland
Language: Finnish
Subtitled Versions: English
Duration: 99 min
Format: DCP


Teppo meets and falls in love with the beautiful blonde Sari. But this is to be no ordinary love affair. Teppo is a central figure in a neo-Nazi group and when he meets Sari’s son, he is in for a big surprise. Sari’s son is called Rhamadhani and he is black. Naturally for Teppo this is a huge dilema. On the one hand he has this passionate love affair with a wonderful woman, and a chance to fulfil dreams of parenting and family, and on the other a long held belief based on discrimination, ignorance and hatred. When Sari gets pregnant Teppo decides to do his best to make peace with Rhamadhani. With his brother and his old Nazi group threatening over his shoulder, he is forced to make a stand. It's a simple choice between love or hate.


Toronto International Film Festival 2013 Contemporary World Cinema Section

Palm Springs International Film Festival 2014 Official Selection

Rome International Film Festival 2013 Alice in the City

Santa Barbara Film Festival 2014 Official Selection

Gothenburg International Film Festival Nordic Light section

Stichting Movies That Matter Festival Official Selection

Cleveland International Film Festival Official selection

Guadalajara International Film festival International Panorama Section

Prague International Film Festival / Febiofest Northern Lights section

Festoria Portugal 2014 Official Selection

Cinequest International Film Festival 2014 Competition

Movies that Matter Festival 2014 Official Selection

Titanic International Film Festival, Budapest 2014 Official Selection

Kristiansand International Film Festival 2014 Official Selection

Shanghai International Film Festival 2014 Official Selection

Norwegian International Film Festival 2014 Official Selection