Directed by: Jyri Kähönen
Original Title: Ja saapuu oikea yö
Genres: Thriller
Cast: Jemina Sillanpää, Jarkko Niemi, Marti Suosalo
Written by: Tuomas Parviainen
Produced by: Aleksi Bardy
Production Company: Helsinki Filmi Oy
Production year: 2012
Release year: 2012
Country: Finland
Language: Finnish
Duration: 90 min
Subtitled Versions: English
Format: DCP


When Sakari finds out that Veera - the woman he desperately loves and is about to marry - has been lying about her father being dead, he begins delving into her past. He finds the father and, well-intentioned, contrives to bring the two together. Little does he know, he is merely opening the door to a dark and harrowing history. Veera detests her father. She confronts Sakari, tells him she’d do anything for him, but what will he do for her? Sakari is pushed to the edge of an unwakeable nightmare when Veera starts to plot her father’s murder but the journey from scheming to reality pushes them both into a series of devastating events way beyond their control. Its only in the dirty aftermath, after he gives himself up, that Sakari learns the truth: that love is a rollercoaster ride, and this time, there is no getting off.


Seminci Valladolid International Film Festival 2012 Official Selection

Guadalajara International Film Festival 2013 Official Selection