Directed by: Mait Laas
Original Title: Lisa Limone ja Maroc Orange: tormakas armulugu
Genres: Family, Animation
Cast: Iris Vesik, Omar Peeter Volkonski, Risto Joost
Written by: Kati Kovacs, Peep Pedmanson
Produced by: Andrus Raudsalu, Arvo Nuut
Production Company: Nukufilm OU, Bufo OyProduction year: 2013
Release year: 2013
Country: Estonia
Language: English, Italian, French, Estonian
Subtitled Versions: English, Russian, Estonian
Duration: 72 min
Format: 3D DCP


The story of impossible love between orange boy Maroc, a singing boat refugee, and lemon girl Lisa, who collects singing seashells and dreams about love. Maroc is the brave hero-type, bound by prejudice and poverty. Lisa is the daughter of a rich businessman and tomato ketchup plantation owner. This is the fruitier version of Romeo and Juliet – a 3D animated operatic extravaganza!


Warsaw Film Festival 2013 Family Cinema Weekend

International Film Festival of India, Goa 2013 Sketches on Screen

Mar del Plata 2013 Official Selection

Monterrey International Film Festival Best International Animated Feature Film

Annecy 2014 Official Selection