Directed by: Gabriella Bier
Genres: Documentary
Cast: Jasmin Avissar, Osama Zatar
Written by: Gabriella Bier
Produced by: Tobias Hanson
Production Company: Story AB
Production year: 2003-2010
Release year: 2010
Country: Sweden
Language: English, Hebrew, Arabic, German
Duration: 92 min
Subtitled Versions: English
Formats: Digibeta, HDCam


Love During Wartime is the real, modern-day tale of Romeo and Juliet. Two fated lovers fighting against the world with their only weapon: Love. In the middle of the smoke and debris, from the most well-known running conflict in the world, is Osama, a Palestinian Muslim artist. Jasmin is an Israeli Jew who is a dancer and a daughter of German Jewish immigrants. All they want to do is create a new life together removed from politics, religion and history. But, of course, this is not easy in a land where their societies have turned their backs on them, disapproving of such a union. And so, they leave in search of a new life.


CPH:DOX 2010 Official Competition

Gothenburg International Film Festival 2011 Dragon Award Nominee

One World International Human Rights Festival 2011 Official Selection

Tribeca Film Festival 2011 Official Selection

Silver Docs 2011 Official Selecton

DokuFest / Kosovo 2011 Official Selection

'Guldbagge' (Swedish National Film Industry Awards) 2012 Best Documentary