Directed by: Paul Fraser
Genres: Drama
Cast: Timmy Creed Paul Courtney TJ Griffin Don Wycherley Kate Ashfield
Written by: Will Collins
Produced by: Rebecca O' Flanagan, Rob Walpole
Production Company: Rubicon Films
Production year: 2010
Release year: 2010
Country: Ireland
Language: English
Duration: 88 min
Subtitled Versions: English
Formats: DCP


Stealing a dodgy bread van Noel, Paudie and Scwally set out on an adventure across the wild Irish landscape to replace their dying father’s watch. Trouble comes their way immediately as the van continually breaks down and the estranged brothers start bickering at each other. After being sidetracked and bumping into odd characters along their journey the boys finally arrive at their destination, the seaside town of Ballybunion, where an identical watch to their father’s broken one sits in an arcade machine. Emotions come to a head when they cant extract the watch. Heading home, exhausted and homesick, the boys come to the realization that what they have in life is each other. And that from now on, they’ll have to look out for each other.


Tribeca Film Festival 2010

Rome International Film Festival 2010

Edinburgh International Film Festival 2011 Official selection

Jameson Dublin International Film Festival 2011 Official Selection

Chicago Irish Film Festival 2011 Official Selection

Tiburon Film Festival, CA, USA 2011 Official Selection

Krakow International Film Festival 2011 Official selection