Directed by: Simo Halinen
Original Title: Kerron sinulle kaiken
Genres: Drama
Cast: Leea Klemola, Peter Franzén, Riia Kataja, Emmi Nivala, Alex Anton
Written by: Simo Halinen
Produced by: Liisa Penttilä
Production Company: Edith Film
Production year: 2013
Release year: 2013
Country: Finland
Language: Finnish
Subtitled Versions: English, Swedish
Duration: 95 min
Format: DCP


Maarit is a beautiful, intelligent and sexy woman – who used to be a man. Struck by the oddity of gender change, she is estranged from the daughter she fathered, her ex life and is working as a cleaner. When she meets and falls in love with Sami – soccer coach, teacher and family man – she finally feels like she can ‘fit in’ somewhere. But Sami is soon put to the test. In a world that considers Maarit a freak, Sami is forced to confront his own deeply hidden prejudices. And as for Maarit, with or without Sami, she has to step into a brave new world where only she can determine her sense of belonging.


European Film Festival, Palic Seyfi Teoman Award

Nordic Council Film Prize 2013 Nominee

Nordische Filmtagen Lubeck 2013 Official Selection

European Film Forum SCANORAMA 2013

Palm Springs International Film Festival 2014 Official Selection

Divergenti Film Festival - Italy - 2014 Audience Award for Best Feature Film