Directed by: Andres Puustusmaa
Original Title: Punane elavhõbe
Genres: Thriller
Cast: Juhan Ulfsak Märt Avandi Peeter Oja
Written by: Andres Anvelt
Produced by: Kristian Taska
Production Company: Taska Film
Production year: 2010
Release year: 2010
Country: Estonia, Russia
Language: Estonian, Russian
Duration: 90 min
Subtitled Versions: English, Russian
Formats: 35MM


It’s the beginning of the hot 90’s. Ex-soviet republic of Estonia has become the top metal exporter in the world. A merciless fight surrounds this criminal business. Each day brings new victims. Estonia has the highest homicide rate in Europe. The film is based on a true story written by a former head of Estonian Central Criminal Police – Andres Anvelt.