Directed by: Marcus Lindeen
Original Title: Ångrarna
Genres: Documentary
Cast: Orlando Fagin, Mikael Johansson
Produced by: Kristina Åberg
Production company: Atmo
Production year: 2010
Release year: 2010
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
Duration: 60 mins
Subtitled versions: English
Format: Digibeta


Orlando and Mikael go under the knife in hope of finding their true selves, only to realize that life on the other side isn’t as they had dreamed of. Now, well into their 60s, the two meet for the first time to talk about their lives as well as the one defining regret they both share: their sex change.


The Barcelona International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2011 Doc - LGTIB Award

Eurodoc, Norway 2011 Eurodoc Prize

Boulder International Film Festival, Colorado, USA, 2011 Best Feature Documentary

Guldbagge, Sweden 2011 Best Documentary

Prix Europa, Berlin Best European Documentary Film for Television 2010

Nordic Panorama 2010 Special Mention

Hot Docs 2010 Official Selection

SilverDocs 2010 Official Selection