Directed by: Babak Najfai
Original Title: Sebbe
Genres: Drama
Cast: Sebastian Hiort af Ornas, Efa Melander, Kenny Wahlbrink
Written by: Babak Najfai
Produced by: Mimmi Spang, Rebbecka Lafrenz
Production Company: Garagefilm International AB
Production year: 2009
Release year: 2010
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
Duration: 80 min
Subtitled Versions: English
Formats: 35mm


Duct tape, electrical cables, explosives, detonator. Sebbe never planned to build a bomb. It just happened. Sebbe is fifteen and lives with his mother in an apartment that is much too small. He does his best. He never hits back. Sebbe loves his mother because he can't do otherwise. Sebbe escapes to the junk yard, and in his hands, dead things come to life. He has the power to create. Here he is free, but alone. His detachment increases at the same pace that his world shrinks, until finally, one day he is completely isolated, without anyone except his mother. When she fails him, all else fails.


Berlin International Film Festival 2010 Best First Feature

Festroia Portugal Special award; First Works Award

Zlin Czech Ecumenical Jury Award (Best Feature Film for youth) and Golden slipper Award (Best Feature Film for youth

Göteborg International Film Festival, Sweden Dragon Award Nominee and Winner of the Swedish Church´s Award

Durban International Film Festival Best Actor Award

International Film Festival Cine-Jeune First ECFA award / Actor Prize Sebastian Hiort

Valladolid International Film Festival
Best Feature in Meeting Point Section

Guldbagge awards, Sweden Best Feature Film

Gothenburg International Film Festival 2011 Lorens Award

Festival Ciné Junior 2011 Grand Prize

Cannes Junior 2011 Official selection