Directed by: Lisa Belfrage, Marianne Gustavsson
Original Title: Alla Vilda
Genres: Documentary
Cast: Birgitta Stenberg, Peggy Purchase, Paulette E Missud, Isabella Belletti, Richard Cox, Jerry Wade
Produced by: Kristina Åberg
Production Company: Atmo
Production year: 2012
Release year: 2012
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish, English
Duration: 58 min
Subtitled Versions: English
Formats: HDCam SR


At 18, right after the Second World War, Birgitta Stenberg bought a one-way ticket to Europe. Far from Sweden, she plunged into a wild life with bohemians from around the world. She fell in love, got exploited, took drugs, and exploited others. Her life is forever shaped by these years and these people. A life on the fringe. In The Wild Ones she travels to places like New York, Paris and Rome, returning to former lovers of both sexes. They face their choices and the consequences. Was it truly free to live like that? Was it worth it?


Tempo Documentary Festival 2012 Official Selection